ICEAM is dedicated to cutting edge research that addresses recent scientific and industrial advancements in the field of energy and material science research. ICEAM will provide an excellent international platform for sharing knowledge and idea in the field of Energy and Materials Science. The conference will cover the unique spectrum related to the hydrogen energy, batteries, supercapacitors and advanced functional materials. The conference will offer an unmatchable platform to the scientists, researchers, academicians and industrialist to discuss the scientific and technical advancements in these fields. The interaction of the experts will motivate the young researchers to know and learn the advanced technique in their respective fields.

Broad areas to be covered in the conference but are not limited to

  • Advanced 2D Materials
  • Advanced Energy Materials
  • Advanced Nano Materials
  • Batteries and Solid Electrolyte Materials
  • Biomaterials for Energy Production
  • Carbon based Energy Storage Techniques
  • Catalysis and Energy Materials
  • Crystalline Porous Materials
  • Emerging Technologies for Energy Production and Storage
  • Energy Harvesting Materials
  • Functional Materials
  • Hydrogen Energy
  • Materials for Fuel Cell Technology
  • Optical, Electrical and Magnetic Materials
  • Polymer Energy Materials
  • Solar Energy Materials
  • Super capacitor Electrodes
  • Thermal Energy Stirage Materials

One of the highlights of the conference is that four international journals (SCI-indexed) (International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (Elsevier) (I.F. 7.13), Energy Storage (I.F. – 3.2) (Willey), Bulletin of Materials Science (Springer) (I.F. 1.78)* and International Journal of Materials Research (I.F. 0.8) have already agreed to publish the manuscript from the conference as a regular journal paper in a special issue.

(*-in discussion)